• Every living organism contain DNA. The difference in the arrangement of DNA contributes to the vast variations among all organisms.

  • What percentage similarity in DNA do we share with other organisms?

    - Plant 18%, Yeast 26%, Fruit Fly 44%,

      Mouse 92%, Chimpanzee 98%.

  • Human is 99.9% identical from person to person. The 0.1% variation makes each of us unique.

  • Extensive research evidence showed that variations in intelligence, talents, personality, health conditions among us can be linked to DNA variations.

DNA Decoding Process 

We only need your saliva.

No blood. No needle. No pain. 



Non-invasive saliva collection using buccal swab for DNA decoding in our laboratory. 

DNA extraction

& analysis

DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis are done in an internationally accredited DNA testing lab (ISO13485/ ISO9001 certified) in Singapore. 

YOU're Decoded!

Repart card day!

1-1 consultation on DNA and neuropsychological reports, and strategize developmental plan. 

What can you get from our

Decode Talent DNA Test?


Your genetic loads the gun; your nurturing pulls the trigger. 

Are you pulling the trigger the right way?

Knowing your genetics

is not enough

  • When it comes to intelligence, talents, personalities, and health, DNA is only half of the picture. Another half comes from the environment, nurturing process, parenting style.

  • What's your current state of personality and mental intelligence vs your inborn potential (from your DNA)?

  • Are they fully unleashed? Or underperformed (this means current parenting and education styles are not optimal for your kid)?

  • Find out these from our neuropsychological evaluations!


You cannot predict the future, but you can create it. 

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