The Key to Unlocking a Child’s Highest Potentials

Find out what this can do for your child today!

If there was a way that you, as a parent, could manipulate conditions in favour of your child’s success and happiness in life, would you do it? The fact is, many talents and traits are already predetermined in your child’s genes.

Knowing what these traits are will help you plan out the most ideal path for your child’s journey in life, with the best outcomes imaginable!

When it comes to talent, many think that hard work is the sole factor (100%) contributing to the success of the child. However, we have seen friends who learn art or music much faster than others, while some are simply more gifted in mathematics and academic achievement.

Everything boils down to what’s in our DNA for everyone is unique at a genetic level. In 2015, after reviewing all the twin studies in the last 50 years where 14 million twins from 39 countries were evaluated, global scientists discovered that genes contribute up to 49% (instead of 0%) while external factors are only 51% (instead of 100%) for their success.

This is important to keep in mind, for a child may have the most wonderful hidden talent, but if his parents don’t know about it, and don’t take appropriate measures to nurture that talent, it will be doomed to remain ‘hidden’!

Understanding Human Traits from a Genetic Level

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, scientists have successfully associated the genes of humans to how well (or poorly) their bodies function, i.e. the chances of acquiring certain diseases, their unique nutritional needs, what kind of sports they might excel, their natural inborn talents,  as well as their personalities.

This global collaborative research has been in motion since 1990, when scientists started comparing the similarities of individuals with specific talents.

It was discovered, for instance, that individuals who were musically inclined (i.e. they have perfect pitch, skilled at playing musical instruments etc.) had unmistakable similarities among them from a genetic level. The human DNA, it appears, can literally reveal things about a person that even their own mom and dad would not have known!

Due to this discovery, it’s apparent too, that we’re all unique, and there was never a one-size-fits-all. So, it makes perfect sense that by knowing the specific traits, talents and strengths that their children possess, parents can have an added advantage in paving an easier, more meaningful pathway for their success, and ultimately, their happiness.

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