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“After taking the DECODE TALENT DNA TEST,

I have a more holistic understanding of my child's in-born abilities. Instead of leaving it to guesswork, I am now more certain of her strengths, weaknesses and potentials. This allows me to accurately pin point the areas I can work with her to realise her full potential and to guide her to improve on the areas that she falls short on.

I strongly recommend all parents to have a true and in-depth understanding of their children. This helps to chart a clear learning path for your children from the onstart and will save you and your kids precious time and money attending unnecessary enrichment or learning classes.”

Zen Chong, Mediacorp Artist, Singapore

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Yimao, Social Media Influencer

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"Upon finding out about Decode Talent DNA test, I knew I had to take it for my daughter. I know a better understanding in her likely inherent strength and weaknesses can help me and my wife direct her to skills that she has great potential. It could also preempt us if she encounters trouble in the future. What is more useful is that the report emphasizes the role of both nature and nurture in our child's development. It also provides tips on how to raise our children.

I strongly recommend the test to all parents who would like to get faster information about their children that may take longer to recognise naturally. I now understand why my daughter understands and enjoys logic games more than other children."

Mr Adesta, Pharmacist, Singapore

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Mrs Ng, Software Engineer, Singapore

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“We purchased Decode Talent DNA Test mainly out of curiosity. We wish to know how can this genetic test discover my son’s talent. Upon receiving the report, we are convinced that this test helps us to understand our son better in a scientific way. The results very accurately affirmed some of the traits my son has already been displaying, but we didn’t know that these behaviours, personality are due to his inherited genes before taking this DNA test. What’s really help is that, we can now plan the most suitable enrichment course according to his potential and personality. ”

Mr Tan, Businessman, Malaysia

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“After taking the Decode Talent DNA Test, we wish to know how can the genetic test discover my son’s talent. The result makes me realised that knowledge is a power. Now I understand what my child’s talent are and I will direct his path accordingly. 

Mr Lee, Malaysia

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“After my children took the Decode Talent DNA test, the result makes me realised that my daughter and son have different strengths in their talent. As a parent it is important to have a better understanding of my children's character and to guide and nurture them while building up their talent. The DNA test result reveals quite an accurate result of my children's character as such it helps me to apply different approach for both of them.”

Mrs Heng, Accountant, Malaysia

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“Decode Talent DNA Test 详细的分析了人的天性,个性,潜在的天赋,生理和心理问题。比如说:



感谢科技的发达,通过这样的基因分析它让我能更了机孩子的需求,在关键时刻用有效及准确的方法来引导和帮助他们成长。 ”

Mrs Ooi, Accountant, Malaysia